Kyosha Hydroelectric Project, Ethiopia, 2160 MW

170m high, 1 km long, 6,000 m3RCC Gravity Dam. Open-air power house with 8 x 270 W Francis Turbine generating units. Gated concrete spillway.

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project, Ethiopia, 6000 MW

160 m high, 1.8 km long, 10.4 Mm3RCC Gravity Dam. 4 steel Diversion Culverts. 16 Penstocks with 8m diameter. Two open-air power houses with 6 + 10 Francis Turbine generating units, 375 MW each. 500 kV Switchyard. 5.4 km long, 50 m high Concrete Faced Rockfill Saddle Dam. 15,000 m3/s gated concrete spillway.

Gibe III Hydroelectric Project, Ethiopia, 1830 MW

240 mhigh, 6 Mm3RCC Gravity Dam. 3diversiontunnels, approximately 1km each. 2 headrace tunnels, approximately 1.2 km each. Underground steel lined penstocks andmanifolds. Open-air power house with 10 Francis turbine generating units. 400 kVSwitchyard.

Gilgel Gibe II Hydroelectric Project, Ethiopia, 420 MW

50m high Mass Concrete Dam/Weir for small regulation reservoir. 20m high intake tower with wheelandbulkhead gate. 25.8 Km, 6m diameter Headrace Tunnel drilled with 2 double shield TBMs. 2 external penstock pipes approximately 1km long each. External Power House with 4PeltonTurbine generating units, 105 MWeach.

Dolwin Beta HVDC Offshore Platform, Germany, 916 MW

320 kV, 916 MW HVAC/HVDC Offshore Converter Station.  74 x 99 m Topside, 70 m tall, 15,000-ton Gravity Based Structure Platform.

Gilgel Gibe I Hydroelectric Project, Ethiopia, 210 MW

1.7 km long, 40m high asphalt faced Rockfill Dam and a 9 km headrace tunnel.

Lam Ta Khong Pumped Storage Project, Thailand, 1,250 MW

1,250 MW Pumped Storage scheme consisting of two inclined penstock shafts, an underground powerhouse, tailrace, and a 9.9 Mm3upper reservoir. 

Bhumibol Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Expansion, Thailand, 165 MW

Demolition and construction of 8thUnit and installation of 165 MW Pumped Storage Unit at Bhumibol Dam hydroelectric plant. Construction of 300m long, 8m high, 5 Mm3capacity downstream pond.

Pak Mun Hydroelectric Project, Thailand, 240 MW

240 MW run-of-river scheme. Concrete Powerhouse, and 300m long and 17m high gated regulating structure.

Xeset Hydroelectric Project, Laos, 45 MW

45 MW run-of-river hydropower scheme. 80m long, 10m high Concrete Weir, 300m Earthfill Dam, 3 x 13MW and 2 x 3MW Generating Units.

Maseru Leribe Road Rehabilitation, Lesotho, 100 Km

100 km of road rehabilitation work between Leribe and Maseru.

Gaborone Dam Raising Contract, Botswana

Raising of the existing Gaborone Dam and railway bypass for the water supply of the city of Gaborone.

Rural Airports Project, Lesotho

Construction of 9 rural airport in the mountainous areas of Lesotho.

Matsapha International Airport Contract, Swaziland

General manager for the construction of the Matsapha International Airport. Constructed under the South African Standard Conditions.  Disputes resolved in ICC Arbitration. Pro-ject value approximately US$40 million and completed in 1984.

Springs Railway Marshalling Yard, South Africa

General manager for the construction of the Springs Marshalling Yard.  Constructed under the South African Railways Standard Conditions. Project value approximately US$20 mil-lion and completed in 1984.

Newcastle – Volksrust Railway Link, South Africa

General manager for the construction of the Newcastle – Volksrust Rail Link. Constructed under the South African Railways Standard Conditions. Project Value approximately US$25 million and completed in 1984.

New Approach Channel to Mina Zayed Port, Abu Dhabi

Project manager for the dredging of new approach channel for the existing port. Project Value approximately US$15 million and completed in 1982.

Bandar Abbas Commercial Port, Iran

Construction of commercial Port including dredging, breakwater, quays, railway marshalling yards infrastructure, and reclamation works.

High Island Reservoir, Hong Kong

Two 100m high rockfill dams with associated cofferdams constructed partially in the open sea.

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